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Installation, Art


In September 2015 I made a football pitch right on the border between two Dutch provinces (Noord-Brabant and Limburg). The two provinces are known rivals. With this installation I wanted the inhabitants to meet right on the border line.

The imperfect field crossed a ditch and a piece of forest to symbolise the obstacles we both have to overcome, despite of our origins.

The pitch was opened with a match between the two provinces resulting in a 3 – 3 draw. I designed outfits for both teams. To symbolise fraternisation I merged the two team shirts into one.

The installation was part of festival: Schijt aan de Grens.

Idea and execution:
Gijs van den Berg
Toos van den Berg, Ton van den Berg
Special thanks to:
Wilbert Jeuken, Schijt aan de Grens, Volharding Vierlingsbeek, all the players that joined the match and the wonderful referee.