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Activism in the western world is not what it used to be. Instead of overtaking the streets and climbing the barricades, we demonstrate by clicking on links and liking posts on Facebook.

Activism has become passive.

Since the invention of television we’re able to witness events from all over the world. Amazing discoveries, natural disasters, talented performers and political failures are right there with us in our living rooms. Yet we spend most of our time watching these incredible goings on in a passive state. Television may give the impression that we engage with the world, but actually we do nothing of the sort. 

TV Toes highlights this inability to engage with the events that television projects at us.
We can only witness and protest in passivity within safe distance of the actual events.


TV-TOES is exhibited at Malmo Fotobiennal 2015 in Sweden and at Slideluck Potshow 2012 in Amsterdam.
Prints available (60x40cm – edition of 5+1 AP).


TV TOES is now also available as a book.

Size: 210 x 148 mm
Pages: 40 (incl. cover and back)
Cover: 250 grams Tintoretto Gesso
Inside: 250 grams Wood-free offset paper.
Binding: magazine binding
Black guilding on the side.
Photographs & Design: Gijs van den Berg
Publisher: From The Mountains
ISBN: 978-90-826374-1-0

First print of 100. Signed by toe.

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