(Vierlingsbeek, 1983) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His works span a variety of mediums including video, photography and graphic design. 

In the past 10 years he has been working as an art-director at several advertising agencies. Since 2009 he works for KesselsKramer in Amsterdam. Van den Berg feels at home at the agency that makes advertising for people that don't like advertising. 

Over the years Van den Berg serviced both big and small clients. Produced local and international campaigns. He made some books, invented products, wrote a short film and directed TV commercials.

He won plenty of pitches and even some awards. An organ donation campaign he worked on is registered as Guiness World Record and was awarded an Effie award for effectivity in 2010. Some of his works for phone operator 'Ben' are part of the Moti Graphic Design collection and in 2015 his poster campaign for Lotte Yoga School was exhibited at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

Van den Berg likes to balance on the fine line between commercial and personal work. In 2015 he photographed the last traditional coffeehouses in Amsterdam and developed the pictures in coffee from the actual places. His series TV-Toes was part of the Malmö Fotobienal 2015. In 2016 he published 'Cutting Edges' a photo series about pruning & prosperity. And in 2017 his project 'Souvenirs From The Sun' got a nomination for the Sony World Photography Award.

Gijs hates tight spaces but likes fast punk music. He still hasn't figured out the meaning of his last name; There are no real mountains in the Netherlands and he is only 168cm tall.

2010 MuseumN8
Group exhibition
De Balie, Amsterdam

2012 Slideluck Potshow
Group exhibition
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

2014 Straattaal
Parool PS magazine

2015 Gewoon Koffie
Solo exhibition
Volkshotel, Amsterdam

2015 Malmo Fotobienal
Group exhibition
Malmö, Sweden

2015 Schijt aan de grens
Group exhibition
Vierlingsbeek, Netherlands


2016 Pizza Economy
Verzameling, Het Parool

2016 Gewoon Koffie
Solo exhibition
Quartier Putain, Amsterdam

2016 Modern Love
Group exhibition
KK Outlet, Londen

2016 Stadstrappertjes
Verzameling, Het Parool

2016 Eye See Sound
Group exhibition
Studio de Keuken, Amsterdam

2016 Cutting Edges (Pruning & prosperity)
Group exhibition (Flaneur)
Kaunas Photo, Lituania

2017 Cutting Edges
FORMAT17: Habitat
Quad Museum - Derby, UK

2017 Dit is Nederland
Vrij Nederland

2017 Sony World Photo Awards
Nomination Still Life
Somerset House - London, UK

2017 Spitting Image
Schijt aan de Grens
Geijsteren, NL

2017 Hashtag Holiday
Vrij Nederland

2017 Cutting Edges
Publieke Ruimte
Kunsthal45 - Den Helder, NL

2018 Souvenirs From The Sun
Solo Exhibition
The Print Space - London, UK


Gijs van den Berg

Creative-Director / Photographer
based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Advertising work:

KesselsKramer Amsterdam
Lauriergracht 39
1016 RG Amsterdam