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Ja of Nee
Donorweek — 201
0 – 2013

To create a sense urgency and momentum for organ donation we invented the ‘Donorweek’. An annual event with the goal to have as many organ donors registred as possible, centering around the question:  do you want to become a donor, too? Yes or no?

To turn the Donorweek into a current event for maximal free publicity, celebrities kicked off the campaign with an online telethon, broadcasted live on the largest news websites of the Netherlands.

This also brought registration closer to the target audience. The donor form is embedded on YouTube, Facebook, MSN, and various newspaper websites, so users can fill them out directly next to the livestream.

Over the years, the ‘Donorweeks’ have resulted in hundred thousands of new donor registrations. The percentage of people who register Yes (instead of a No) peak towards 90% during the campaign, whereas the average remained around 60% before the start of the campaign. The Donorweek was awarded with an Effie, Esprix, AMMA and even a Guinness World Record.

KesselsKramer, Niek Eijsbouts, Camiel Bulder
Director: Gijs van den Berg & Niek Eijsbouts
Director: Gijs van den Berg & Niek Eijsbouts
Director: Gijs van den Berg & Niek Eijsbouts
Compilation video 2010
Compilation video 2012
Director: Roel Wouters
Director: Jeroen Mol
Director: Dick Maas