The tower of life — 2019

Most people know about biodiversity. But what it is exactly and why it’s so important, nobody can really explain. By explaining it once and for all, using a living Jenga game as a metaphor, everybody understands the importance of biodiversity. And thus, of Naturalis.

The idea of the Jenga tower is inspired by a parallel between the physical tower in Leiden where Naturalis carefully preserves its collection and the laws of the game itself. Each block represents a life form that together forms a fantastic ‘tower of all life’, and we all know what happens if too many blocks —or life forms—disappear…

KesselsKramer, Rens de Jonge, Stephanie lüscher, Sophie Rijnaard
Director: Douwe Dijkstra

Wereldbiodiversiteitsdag. De aftrap van Biodiversiteitsdag door Minister Carola Schouten van LNV. en Auke Florian van Naturalis en Directeur van Naturalis Edwin van Huis bij de Josephschool in Leiden Een groot biodiversiteitsspel op een schoolplein.