Geheim van een gezond leven — 2018

ONVZ is a not-for-profit health insurer. It has no external shareholders to pay dividends to. What would then be the most sensible way to reinvest profits in the long run?
By investing in the health of its policyholders, whether they are ill or not.

In a series of short documentaries, ONVZ travelled the world to search for the secret to a healthy life. (Spoiler: there is not one secret.) Amongst others, an Alzheimer patient, centenarians in Sardinia and anti-aging researcher Aubrey de Grey share their views and experiences on the concept of health.

KesselsKramer, Rens de Jonge
Director: Nirit Peled
The secret of Sardinia
The Secret of Teemu Arina
The secret of Leo van Dijk
The secret of friendship