Souvenirs From The Sun
Personal — 2016

Holidays; For most people a relaxing break from their busy work life. A moment to re-charge their batteries in the sun. I try to do this every holiday. But after laying on a sunbed for 10 minutes I get nervous. I feel a stronge urge to make things. It’s an unstoppable force that only calms down after producing something.

While most people collect souvenirs in the shape of an object or postcard. My souvenirs are photographic series. Not pictures of family members and tourist sights, but experimental creations made with whatever I run into. I document objects after taking them out of context. These are my souvenirs from the sun.

Souvenirs From The Sun was presented as a solo show at ThePrintSpace in Shoreditch, London.

The series was nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards.