Are you into NFT's?
More as a way to experiment. I have minted some work on Foundation, Zora and Rarible. But I'm shitty in promoting it and feel I'm not part of the scene. But to be honest I'm not part of any scene at all. But that's a different topic.
Well, can you show some?
Sure, this is about the climate impact of cryptocurrency and NFT's on the planet. It's an ironic piece, because in order to get this public, I had to go through the process of minting it first, which consumes a lot of energy. So far it is the only NFT I have sold.
NFT by Gijs van den Berg about climate impact neutral carbon

And this one
So what is this about?
I noticed that in the first phase of NFT art, most artists where just launching tokenised versions of their already popular artworks. It feels like they started all over again, with the only change, a different medium. Marshall McLuhan once said: We are driving into the future while looking into a rearview mirror. Meaning: Everything new is based on something old that we are already comfortable with. For this piece I though it would be nice to bring together a modern NFT blob into an old 1900's thrift-store.
Anything else?
Yes, I minted an NFT version of the Ultimate Band List project on Zora.
Ultimate Band List NFT by Gijs van den Berg
So where is this going?
I guess for now I'm still learning. But to be honest, it will be the case for the rest of my life. Never. Stop. Learning.
Banana rocket of a banana in a vase in a home in amsterdam by artist gijs van den berg
(c) 2021 Gijs van den Berg instagram