So can you show me some video work?
My video stuff isn’t really cinematic, it doesn’t have a lot of production value. I focus mainly on the idea.
So basically they look like crap, you mean?
Not always, but most of them, yes.

I like coffee. Is there more?
Me too.
making coffee with a face mask covid
Don't try this at home though, the masks can become toxic once they heat up.
Do you have longer videos?
Yes. I made a film with Niek Eijsbouts and Nils Gerbens for the 48h film project, called Rouw. I think it got nominated for some awards.
That’s too long. Made more films about death?
I made this short video after hearing a quote from Bukowski on Death.
Some dark shit man. Where's the fun?
Do you like snoring babies?
I'm more an animals kind of person.

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