So can you show me some video work?
My video stuff isn’t really cinematic, it doesn’t have a lot of production value. I focus mainly on the idea.
So basically they look like crap, you mean?
Not always, but most of them, yes.

I like coffee. Is there more?
Me too.
making coffee with a face mask covid
Don't try this at home though, the masks can become toxic once they heat up.
Do you have longer videos?
Yes. I made a film with Niek Eijsbouts and Nils Gerbens for the 48h film project, called Rouw. I think it got nominated for some awards.
That’s too long. Made more films about death?
I made this short video after hearing a quote from Bukowski on Death.
Some dark shit man. Where's the fun?
Do you like snoring babies?
I'm more an animals kind of person.
Are you into NFT's?
More as a way to experiment. I have minted some work on Foundation, Zora and Rarible. But I'm shitty in promoting it and feel I'm not part of the scene. I'm actually not part of any scene really.
What's this?
I noticed that in the first phase of NFT art, most artists where just launching tokenised versions of their already popular artworks. It feels like they started all over again, with the only change, a different medium. Marshall McLuhan once said: We are driving into the future while looking into a rearview mirror. Meaning: Everything new is based on something old that we are already comfortable with. For this piece I though it would be nice to bring together a modern NFT blob into an old 1900's thrift-store.

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