Cutting Edges

So this project is about gardens?
Yes and no. It's about the excesses of Dutch prosperity.
The 33.883 square kilometers of land that make up the Netherlands are not nearly enough to share among 17 Million people. Let alone with nature. Functional infrastructure and green beautification try hard to coexist neatly side by side, but often live in conflict with each other.
This photo series was shot in collaboration with friend and photographer Jan Dirk van der Burg.
So who's idea was it?
Funny enough we were shooting the same series without knowing from each other. That's why we decided to collaborate.
You made a book!
Yes we did with loads of help from my colleagues at KesselsKramer. We also proudly presented the work at Format Festival 2017 in Derby, UK and on Kaunas Photo 2016 in Lithuania and in the lovely city of Den Helder, the Netherlands.
You can read an interview about the series here.

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